My First Blog

image201402090001Well here goes. This is my first blog on WordPress and my first public blog. I wonder what I should write and what people will like. I expect to be read by people I have never met and those I know well. I want my personality to come through in my posts but I realize that in order to get others to read what I write I have to find a way to catch them, and pull them in. I have no idea how to set up my pages, when and where to use pictures, what topics are interesting and  how to title them in way that someone browsing across a page full of articles might stop and give me a shot. I want to dream big but more than likely in the beginning it will be fairly unrewarding. I imagine probably only a handful of friends will read my blog, and fewer strangers, but I have hopes too, hopes that there are lots of people out there interested in strangers writing enough to spend their time reading what I have written. I suppose all of this is probably the normal reaction to starting up here.

The things I plan to post may turn out to be more for myself than for others I do not know yet. I plan to post some writings I did while traveling in Indonesia first, then maybe some from Vietnam and I will also post some poetry, essays and book reviews that I write. The real purpose for me to get a blog is just to write more. Read what I write, tell me what you think, in the spirit of the internet and it’s anonymity attack me into writing better material and to defending what I decide as the right thing to put out there.

Thank you

Jon Raby


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