Sitting on a Ferry

I begin to wonder what would happen if I fell off. Shiiiiiiit!!!! The water doesn’t look clean. I guess I’d have to drop the backpack immediately, letting it sink to its death, and start yelling for help. No one would come so I’d have to swim, not for shore, too far, but for the island we are now passing. I see a red blinking light at the highest point on the island atop a tree covered hill, so there must be some human presence there, maybe I could get help. What if there are komodo dragons, scary creatures, fast with strong meat ripping jaws, a lizard that stretches 6 feet. I’d have to kill one with a rock and make spears out of its teeth, but not get cut myself because their saliva is deadly, full of bacteria and venom, it contains a paralysis agent and clots your blood, leaving you an easy victim to the bacteria or the hungry lizard itself. How about a fire? I would need to cook the meat, but I didn’t go to the boy scouts, I don’t know how to make a fire with some rocks, and I don’t know if the meat also has some kind of poison in it as well, hope not. I think I’d infiltrate the building where the light is and make a home there. I might have to defend it from the authorities after they realize I am living there, but as I got to know the island I could find ways to hide and outsmart them. It would become mine. Oh, but lonely. I might have to make a boat and steal a few women from the mainland and bring them back as my wives.

As I think of my new life on this island, this nice guy sits next to me and offers to share his food with me. We eat with our hands, spicy and rich, jackfruit, potatoes and fish. I only have one bit of fish because it tastes of fish, which I find gross. The darkness turns to early morning light blue as we eat. There are too many clouds and fog for a sunrise or any yellow and orange across the sky, but it is very beautiful still. I try to make conversation, anything, silly shit, “You like fish?” I say pointing and rubbing my belly. He laughs and shrugs, it’s no use we don’t speak the same language and it’s not really necessary, the silence is refreshing. He seems like a very nice guy, I think we are on the same bus that I have been riding in for 47 hours now, down the heavily forest covered island of Sumatra, I’ll find out in a bit when we load back up. For now I’ll look at where the sky and the water meet in the distance, and at the big island of Java approaching, I am almost at my destination of Jakarta; a horrible, polluted, waste of a stop in my travels.

P.S.  I am the only white guy I have seen in 2 days.


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