weekly writing challenge: Silence


Shut your eyes

A melon baller sits on the table next to you

And a nut cracker

And a cheese grater

You, with these things next to you, wait for hours

Waiting for a man to arrive and use them

Your mind flares up with fear and uncontrollable anger

Then you breathe and try not to think

Let the silence take you, passing time in limited capacity

You find solace in the unfairness of the world

The cruelty

You think of your family

Of your children and your wife’s eyes

You wonder who is in the next room and sadness come over you

Off in the distance you think you hear boots approaching

Clapping the cement in oscillating rhythm

You prepare for the inevitable questions that you have no answers for

You can hear them now in your head

You tell yourself not give up others to be put in your spot

You pray for a quick death

You know that it won’t come and that you will say everything

Your eyes dart to the instruments beside you

The melon baller in your eye socket

The nut cracker around the joints of your fingers

The cheese grater on your skin

In you anus

You feel the pain, choking, and it explodes into release

You find silence again

Because you must

And you wait


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