Goodbye Paradise


I had it all. A beautiful girlfriend, a high paying job, warm days and fresh fruit outside my door. I was special, unique, always a celebrity. But I was put to hard choices and I had to realize that my relationship was not working and would not. My girlfriend was a beautiful Vietnamese girl, from a rich family, and sadly, to them I did not measure up. But this was not the real problem, the problem was the challenges a life with her would bring. Always we would be fighting against racism, people judgments and stares. Continuous would be our search for a means of communication that would make life a little easier. Always our cultural differences butting heads, our core values, the way we perceive the world and how it manipulates us respectively. Me hating power and what is done with it, her looking for it. A future with her would be a never ending array of struggles and I made a decision that I was not up for them.

I said goodbye to Vietnam, and to the idea that love can conquer all, and most importantly to Thúy. Goodbye my love. May what you are looking for come more easily to you.


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