The Forest

You are the strength I find from supernatural powers.

My grandmother waving in the breeze,

aged and wise.

You are the green maze of happiness.

You are an ocean of noises. Life sneaking by.

You who can only be tamed by the cries

of and owl. Or the lonely eyes of camper

staring out through the flames of the fire.

You weep and creak but know nothing of pain.

I live and die in but the blink of your eye.

You’re the duct tape to my boots, the calm in the


Run away with me?

Let’s be brethren or lovers.

Let’s hitchhike to the next place and eat with the locals.

Why don’t we disappear

into the land that time forgot,

a jungle of dinosaurs or old Inca tribesmen.

Let me listen to your silence

when I’m in need

of the peace that you bring me

and the acceptance you are.


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