lifeconstantly I redefine my thoughts on how old I am

always youthful, fun, alive, carefree

but trapped by the things in life I have yet to do

and feeling time pulling at me

saddened by the passing of the years

my bones ache

I am un-amused by childish actions

Grow up! I think, frowning in disapproval

and yet

I want nothing more than fun and free time

to do nothing for an entire day

to act the child and

to forget

I want a career

I want to finish school

but will school teach me what I want to know…

my mortality comes into question

it is just life, I say, live it and have fun

as if there will be more after this one

wait, this is it

it’s all I have so far as I know

when I die there is no more

I need to make the most of my time

I’m old now, a third of the way through my life

maybe half

maybe I’ll die tomorrow

time is fleeting

then I see how seriously others can take this world

I want nothing of thei graveness

I still grasp at the innocence of childhood

the beauty in the unknowing

to hell with it

today I will burn a bible and watch Carl Sagan

I will learn Spanish

I will call in sick from work

I will “stay and play” and buy gumballs, and watch them spiral down a clear slide

I will drink bottles of wine and read Tortilla Flat by lamp light

vagabond for a day

making memories for fear than I will need them when I’m older



for weekly writing challenge


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