Rain on my Head 1

Walking up a hill

Small raindrops beat my head

I struggle to look up at the

Dark blue sky around me

Clear, Crisp, Cold

It is refreshing



Some people see rainbows

Some don’t

I don’t, but

I see this

In a car, without struggle

I certainly wouldn’t enjoy this hill

I wouldn’t get back on my bike and ride

Or take my gloves off

And let  my hands freeze

I listen to old music

And feel old feelings

Welling in my heart

Tears almost come

It feels so good


2 responses to “Rain on my Head 1

  1. Loving the neologism “Alive-en-ing.” My favorite part is “Some people see rainbows/ Some don’t” it’s an effectively succinct metaphor for perspective or pessimism versus optimism.

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