My psychologist told me I want to travel as an escape.

I told her NO SHIT!

I want to escape to tropical climates.

To warm, friendly, different people.

To daily adventure and challenge.

To a place where I am exotic and special.

To a vacation mindset.


I want to escape a predesigned course of life.

High school, college, career, family, midlife crisis, old age, and then death.

It holds little appeal doesn’t it?

Hell yes I want to escape it.

I want to escape syndicated TV, and a syndicated life.

I want to escape to new problems because I’ve heard the ones in this country before.

I want to get on a bus, not knowing its destination,

And make attempts at communication with the other passengers.

I want to study everyday.


Maybe what I really want is to escape psychologists.

I want to be confused about my feelings,

And to avoid posing too many questions to myself.

I want to make bad decisions.

I want to figure things out too.

I want to be lost and find myself,

On a map.


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