Revolutionizing the NBA

Do you get bored with the professional basketball? The huge score fluctuations, the constant pick and roll plays, hundreds of fouls per game and the drawing of them by “Star Players”? How about the last 30 seconds of every game, including unwinable ones, lasting 10 minutes?

The NBA should add a luck based card game to the normal game to make it more interesting. The players would receive cards with extra points, penalties, dares and challenges. We can work with this more but I figure they would receive the cards for missed free throws, or passing the ball more than 3 times before shooting, and for drawing a foul while charging the hoop.

The cards would include:

  • Challenges like long distances shots, eyes closed, behind the back, shoot offs between teams.
  • Player rotations, changing positions or even teams.
  • Simple points additions and penalties.
  • Swap clothing with an audience member.
  • Riddles to be solved for points.
  • Charades words or phrases.
  • Adolescent dares like: “Run around the stadium naked”, “Pull the opposing coaches pants down”, or “Sucker punch another player” (penalty included).
  • Money bonuses and fines.
  • Rap battles.
  • Dance offs.
  • Eating challenges like: A hot dog eating competition, or eat 10 live goldfish or a kitten!

Refusal to do what the card says would result in a 10 point deduction and removal from the game.

What do you think? I am sure we could work on this more and get it a bit more “professional”. Give me more card possibilities and lets present this to the world!